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Deliver Rich Media With Webcasting

Cost-effective and Reliable

Stream webcast presentations to large audiences over the Internet for...

• Sales Training
• Continuing Education Sessions
• Symposia
• Product Launch Events
• Corporate Communications and Quarterly Meetings
• Global Audience EventsVirtual Meetings

Webcasting Services | Powered by Webcast Group

Velocity Audio Visual is proud to partner with our CDN Provider - Webcast Group, to increase your audience size and globally extend the reach of your event, all while reducing costs. From employee meetings to sales training and earnings reports, we have the solution to fit your needs, your budget, infrastructure and timeline.

Webcasting Benefits

• Engage a global audience and make it easy for them to understand and retain your message with streaming audio, video and    PowerPoint® slides.
• Reduce travel costs and return valuable time to your management team and employees schedules while increasing their productivity.
• Differentiate your company from competitors by giving life to your to your events. Your message will not end when your meeting does.
   On-Demand hosting provides year round access to your message.
• No download required to view your presentation.
• Increase brand awareness with a customized webcast player.
• Increase event revenue with webcast player banner ads & sponsorship opportunities.
• Measure the effectiveness of your communications with online registration and user exit polls.
• Gain virtual audience members for added ROI. More registration fees from virtual attendees.