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LED Walls

Velocity Audio Visual is San Diego's premier rental provider of Indoor/Outdoor LED Screens and related production services. Velocity offers a large inventory of high brightness LED screens featuring the highest quality products for both indoor and outdoor LED screen applications. Featuring 6mm & 8mm pitch resolutions, Velocity can deliver the highest quality LED screen equipment and services to the corporate, broadcast, sports, entertainment and special event markets.

Our large outdoor LED screens are the most versatile video display systems in the world. Our outdoor LED screens are ideal for concerts, sporting events, entertainment, and festivals. They always deliver the clearest and brightest images in full daylight conditions including direct sunlight. Outdoor LED screens are available to suit most applications in either a hanging or stacking configuration. Our outdoor LED screens may also be used indoors for large venue applications.

Indoor LED screens have quickly become the standard backdrop and scenic technology for the majority of indoor video screen applications including the Broadcast, Corporate, and Special Event Markets that include; awards shows, TV Series, trade shows and conventions. Velocity's line of indoor LED screens, available in 6mm pixel pitch, and deliver unequalled brightness and image quality with incredible resolution and seamless scalability. Available in 4:3 or 16:9 formats and also in custom configurations and sizes.

6mm 3 section Scenic

6mm for scenic elements - 3 10'x4' panels

6mm stacked for Twitter feed during SD Restaurant Week

6mm LED Virtual Backdrop 32' x 6'

6mm on USS Midway for American Red Cross

8mm 9x16 LED Wall

Scenic LED – 6mm 4'x10' Strips

6mm 32x9 Scenic Backdrop for MPI Ed Con

6mm LED Display - MPI Ed Con

6mm LED Outdoor Screen

8mm 9x16 LED Display - San Felipe 250 Off-Road Race

Dual 6mm LED Display Screen - Copley Memorial

6mm stacked on USS Midway for American Red Cross

8mm 9'x16' stacked on SL100 stage

10mm getting built & riggged

8mm 9'x16' screen

10mm rigged for PPH Grand Opening

6x8 6mm LED Screen Backdrop - Alonzo's

Social Media Wall demo - 6mm 6x8

6mm LED Strip Backdrop - MMS Event

8mm 9x16 LED Display - SL100 Stage at La Jolla Car Show

32x9 6mm Display - Illumina Event